What’s the compelling story of YOUR DMO?

As a DMO, you have a great story to tell:

Roger Rickard

Keynote, The Value of the DMO

  • YOU are an essential element in the economic engine of the destination.
  • YOU are a major tax generator that brings new money into the local economy.
  • YOU are a job creator.
  • YOU create infrastructure for use by the visitor that benefits the local citizenry and commerce year-round.
  • YOU are critical to the success of other businesses, which use your activities to access new markets.
  • Most importantly, YOU play the key role in creating a global brand for the destination

What we know from the last few years:

  • You cannot get much support if they do not know you exist!
  • Key stakeholders need to fully understand what you do. DO THEY? Being aware of and understand the role of a DMO is the key to garnering support.
  • When people understand the benefits visitors provide the community, they are more likely to support your needs.
  • As a result, you are vulnerable to adverse funding, government regulation and policy decisions that have big impacts on your DMO, the community and the visitor.

Are you telling your story in a deep and compelling way that is understandable to your key stakeholders?

  • Do you know how to tell your story?
  • Are you telling it to the right people?

Telling your story is about advocating the value of your DMO. Advocacy is the vehicle to which you create, mold and deliver your story to proper people, with the proper message, at the proper time.
In recent years there has been a seismic shift in the roles and responsibilities of the DMO leader. As one DMO executive stated, “Three years ago I dedicated 10% of my job to advocacy – today I dedicate 75% of my job to advocacy.” Advocacy is an emerging field of practice for DMOs and there are still many lessons to be learned.

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P.S. Next time we will look at 5 Advocacy Challenges for DMOs

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