We need Politicians to be Statesmen.

A politician is a person active in the art or science of government or governing. While a statesman is a respected leader who can work with others toward the common good. We say we don’t want our elected officials to be politicians – but we need them to be political statesmen active in the art and science of governing. There is political art in working to achieve consensus for the greater good. There is political science in crafting legislation that builds rather than destroys.

  • We need them to use their political skills to work across our political divide.
  • We need them to be leaders looking for practical solutions.
  • We need them to build consensus and find the common good.
  • We need them to work to solve problems – not to create more of them.
  • We need them to protect us from our enemies, both foreign and domestic in bi-partisan cooperation.
  • We need them to work on ensuring a healthy economy.
  • We need them to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.
  • We need them to protect our environment.
  • We need them to fix our broken healthcare system.
  • We need common sense, less restrictive regulations that drive and support innovation.
  • We need congressional redistricting reform that insures fair competition.
  • We need them to rebuild our trust in our governing institutions.
  • We need a functional government, not a dysfunctional group of partisan flunkies.
  • We need skilled politicians to be our statesmen, not political hacks bent on only their personal political gain.

Our needs are many while the results have been few.

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