The Fog of Real vs Fake News

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

One does not have to agree with what one says or reports, but one must have the ability to do so freely. Whether that someone is you, me, the president, or the press.

The press in the U.S. has the right of free expression as granted in the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This very amendment also grants all citizens of this great land – freedom of speech. These two freedoms are not mutually exclusive. You can’t have one without having the other.

Today there are challenges to our freedoms of speech and press. We must be able to stand up and support both as a safeguard of self-evident truths and liberties.

We should all abhor lies – those that are deliberate, contrived, and outright dishonest – no matter the source. The enemy of truth is not just the lie, but rather the persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic myth that derails us from clearly understanding what is true and what is fake. This mythology clouds our vision of reality.

Is our ‘reality fog’ forgoing a reasonable dialogue of opinion into a discomfort of silence?

We have a major problem with our confidence in the written or spoken word as communicated by our government and press. Both increasingly demonstrate agendas, biases, and stereotypes that distract and divide. They do us a disservice, not just because they are fatiguing and in many cases irrelevant and very often misleading, but because they fog the lens of fact.

As a nation, we face dangers foreign and domestic for which we can not shrink. Because of this the damage of false dialogue is greater today because our safety and the safety of all the world is at a major tipping point. The very future of freedom is a stake. Now more that ever we need integrity and truth to emanate from our institutions. An informed electorate needs faith that what they hear and read are coming from our government and press, not that of foreign entities.

The absolute prosperity of this country depends on the assurance that we have mutual confidence in the institutions of government and press, as both are a necessity of success in our democracy.

For us to discharge the duties of today’s world, we will need a clear vision – one not obstructed by the fog of disinformation and distrust.

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