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Roger’s Testimonials

“Roger and I have worked together many, many times during my tenure as CEO of the Convention Industry Council (CIC). I have always found him to be the consummate professional. He knows advocacy. He knows how to engage and activate support for issues that affect your members. He is a fabulous keynote speaker, educator, and moderator. I have used his talents in all of these areas and more. He is an advocacy leader that I highly endorse. If you want to effect change and advance your influence – then call Roger.” Karen Kotowski, CEO, Event Industry Council (formerly the Convention Industry Council)

“Working with Roger is always a pleasure for a variety of reasons. From timeliness, professionalism, the way his message resonates with an audience and all the way up to his bowtie, Roger is a delight to partner with and we have booked him numerous times over the last few years. I always know he’ll deliver when we work together.” Angie Ahrens, Senior Director of Meetings and Events, Connect

“When our Young Farmer group heard Roger speak at a national conference, they immediately met him off-stage to ask him to speak at their own conference. Roger made sure to tailor his presentation to our group’s dynamics, and followed up with an engaging breakout session to develop their advocacy skills. His message was easily understood and applicable for all levels of experience, from first-time attendees to seasoned advocators. Roger mentioned that “advocacy training is like spring training for baseball – you don’t go to relearn the sport, but it’s important to check up and sharpen your skills heading into the season.” It was just the jumpstart we needed heading into our legislative session! I was very impressed that Roger could speak to and engage such a wide range of experiences in one sitting. He was also a dream to work with in planning our sessions – a great communicator and very organized, he checked in regularly to make sure he was meeting the needs of our group. I very highly recommend Roger as a speaker, trainer, and not-so-secret weapon to develop your group’s advocacy skills and aspirations!” Allie Rieth, Young farmer & Youth Programs Coordinator, Indiana Farm Bureau

“In February, Roger spoke to more than 1200 young farmers and ranchers at our YF&R Leadership Conference. His presentation was insightful, inspiring and informative. But, mostly it was engaging! In preparing to speak to our group, he and I talked about the conference program, the goals we had for his speech and what makes speaking to our group unique among others. It is a great pleasure to work with a speaker who is a content expert and fits this expertise to meet the audience’s needs and the organization’s goals. Roger was able to share his 7 Actions of Highly Effective Advocates and how young farmers and ranchers from around the country can … and must … do to help themselves, their community and their country.” Cody Lyon, Director of Advocacy, American Farm Bureau

“I heard Roger speak and about did a back flip.  I believe it was PCMA Town hall – I came out of the meeting with new information and the “story” of our industry and it’s positioning in the global market place.  Thank you to Roger for getting the story out.”  Donna Rogers, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International

“We cannot thank you enough for everything you did to make Exhibitions Day a success. Everyone had great feedback and that is due in large part to your expertise. Thank you again for your time and involvement!” Susan Brower, CEM – International Association of Exhibitions & Events (IAEE)

“World-class speakers are the cornerstone of a successful conference, and we are so glad to have had you on the team this year.”
Deborah Sexton – Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)

“I had the pleasure of working with Roger in the final stages of the Meetings Mean Business study (economic impact of the meetings industry on the U.S. economy). Roger filled a critical void in helping to teach industry stakeholders how the information contained in the report could be used to support their efforts–particularly at the local, state, and federal government levels. Roger has an uncanny ability to take these complex issues and explain them in ways that DMOs, meeting planners, associations, and other industry advocates could understand and leverage for the betterment of both their own initiatives and the meetings industry as a whole. A pleasure partnering with Roger on this important initiative and I look forward to future opportunities to share the stage.” Robert Canton, U.S. Leader – PwC Sports & Tourism Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“Roger is the expert on visitor/tourism advocacy. The New Jersey Travel Industry Association hired Roger to be the keynote speaker at the 2012 New Jersey Conference on Tourism. Roger delivered with a pointed message about the importance of advocacy. Roger can be counted on to be an engaging speaker with a wide variety of expertise. His persona and style are gregarious and engaging. I would highly recommend Roger as a conference speaker and/or presenter.” Adam Perle

“Roger worked with us in advance to prepare the presentation and he customized his remarks to our destination and the important facts for our members to be aware. He was also willing to work with us on a short video clip that was sent to members unable to attend the presentation. Roger is an extreme professional to work with and more importantly, an expert on the subject matter he presented.” J. Pingston, Greater Lansing CVB

“Roger Rickard’s unique blend of practical government experience, vast knowledge of the travel industry and impressive credentials in the national travel industry combine to set him significantly apart form other expert speakers and consultants. His ability to immediately ingratiate himself to local personalities and involve the audience, contributes to his commanding presence. The information he provides is commanding, thoughtful and motivating. Our organization received more compliments on his presentation that ANY other speaker I have ever engaged.” Speros A. Batistatos – South Shore Convention & Visitors Authority (Greater Chicago Area)

“Roger was the highest scoring speaker for our chapter in two years.  He commands the power on stage and makes a strong, immediate impression. His impactful, focused message empowers participants to be successful influencers.”

“Not enough space to thank you for everything!”

“Roger, You are a fantastic speaker with a great presence!”

“Thanks so much for adding so much value to our Annual Meeting. It was great to have you in our community and spreading the message of the value of the visitor.”

“Roger was fantastic!”

“So many of us want to operate in the world you live in. Great inspiration!”

“Roger is one of the brightest and most insightful thinkers in the meetings industry. He connects the dots among major trends and sees opportunities that help him serve the industry as a speaker and trainer. He is a master at using a wide range of communication platforms to deliver his messages.”

“Roger, first and foremost, is an outstanding advocate for important issues affecting the business community as well as citizens at large and he does it with class and integrity. Having an excellent skill set and knowledge of government affairs he is insightful and persuasive. Roger consistently demonstrates excellent communication skills and is strategic in the use of those abilities that enhances his success at every opportunity. I would always want him to wear the same uniform that I am wearing.”

“The first time I contracted with Roger to speak to industry professionals about government affairs and advocacy I thought geez will this be a sleeper. I was so surprise how enrolling and motivating Roger made me and the audience feel about getting involved…that program got one of the highest scores on the evaluations. If you’re looking for professional presentation that is engaging and informative, hire Roger.”

“You are an amazing educator and story-teller who is passionate about your topic. The guidelines you shared along with your personal “tales from the front” resonated with all. You kept us all captivated which is challenging in itself let alone at 8am on a Saturday morning.”

“Roger is an outstanding speaker and presenter. He brings an incredible wealth of industry experience and management expertise empowering him to develop a presentation that is delivered in such a concise and understandable format. From our seasoned CMP’s to our novice planners, Roger’s presentation was insightful and provided detailed elements.”

“He was engaging, funny, and informative. It was much better than I expected it to be.”

“You present your material with such ease and seem to transcend all levels of experience in a room. Always a consummate professional that delivers valuable take-a-ways in a fun learning environment.”

“Roger did a great job showing how to overcome the problems when presenting. He kept my attention, added humor, and gave me great pointers for dealing with nervousness and obstacles.”

“Roger did a superb job and made everyone feel comfortable and achieved the goals and objectives of the presentation.”

“I really liked the fact that you were able to back up your message with credentials. Very impressive.”

“Speaking and presenting is necessary “life skill” that Roger helped us perfect. He was a very engaging and effective presenter.”

“Roger is a great presenter, I enjoyed his talk.”

“Thank you for the excellent presentation. You were superb and MPI thanks you for all your contributions!”

“Technology is great for reaching out & touching our clients but when it comes to doing business, but meeting face to face provides the biggest ROI for us, hands down!  Thank You Roger for being an phenomenal advocate for the value of meeting face to face.” Helen Groom