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Are you Ready for Post 11-9?

Finally, we are three weeks away from election day. Did we ever think this day would come? People are frightened. They don’t know where our nation is headed. Will there be rage over the election results?  Will people accept the results of our voting?  The real question now is, what happens post-election on November 9th? How do […]

Is your Advocacy Campaign Stuck-in-the-Mud? Here are 10 common mistakes.

You began your advocacy campaign with the best intentions. You care about the issue(s). You want to make a difference. But you get stuck-in-the-mud or derailed in the process. Here are 10 common mistakes made in advocacy campaigns and helpful cues to avoid or correct them. 1. Not Organized Is your group structured for organization? […]

5 Advocacy Challenges for DMOs

When I talk with DMO leaders, five advocacy challenges always bubble to the top of the list. These challenges need to be addressed for DMO leaders to become better advocates. 1. THE MARKETPLACE IS EVER CHANGING. DMO leaders never imagined advocacy would affect them to the degree it is in their daily lives. The destination […]