For your convenience, here are some of the commonly asked questions. Please Contact Us if you have any specific needs or questions we can address!

Roger Rickard

How long are your presentations?
We will design the presentation to meet your time frame from 30 minutes to all day. We have the experience to be flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs and will do whatever we can to work within your time requirements.
What are your AV and staging requirements?
We provide our own laptop computer (1024 x 768 resolution), advance mechanism and laser pointer.

Set up requirements:

  • We prefer to work from the floor rather than use a stage/riser unless the audience exceeds 300. The area above the screen needs to be darkened in order to provide good contrast with the presentation.
  • We have worked with a variety of seating configurations; however, our preferred seating is in rounds of eight.
  • This can be changed depending on the program and size of the group.
  • Through our background of planning meetings and events over the past several years, we can assist with optimal seating configurations for your audience.

AV equipment:

  • A data projector (DLP or LCD) with 1200+ lumens output and 1024 x 768 (XGA) resolution.
  • A screen compatible to both the size of the room and group.
  • A standard skirted rolling AV cart, 42-inch high (1.1M) – This is used instead of a lectern.
  • A wireless lapel microphone (with audiences greater than 50 persons).
  • A wireless handheld microphone (with audiences greater than 50 persons).
  • AC power to the lectern (the cart) and to the data projector.
  • A sound patch from my computer to the PA system (mini-plug output). This is optional with some programs.
  • A computer-projector connecting cable (up to 25 ft. or 8 meters long depending on
  • room size).
What are your speaking fees?
The speaking fee depends on a number of different factors, type and length of presentation, location and any additional services while on location. For that, I will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will be delighted with the presentation or your money back. A 50% deposit is required to secure booking dates.
How do you handle expenses?
Coach airfare and basic travel/meal expenses (nothing extravagant) are charged. Full itemization and receipts are provided. Where applicable, airfare will be shared among clients. Every effort will be made to keep expenses to a bare minimum.
Can you send a biography, introduction and photo?
Click here for a Bio. We email you an introduction customized to your group and to the specific topic as standard procedure. Click here for a photo.
Will you do press interviews?
Yes, Roger will accommodate print and live television or radio interviews prior to or after your engagement.
Can you provide references?
Testimonials can be found throughout this Web site. I am happy to provide specific references upon request.
Are you available on a specific date?
Please call us at 480 488-9150 or Contact Us to see how we can work into your schedule.
Do you provide promotional flyers or videos?
Absolutely! One-page flyers are available upon request either mailed as a hard copy or emailed as a high-resolution file suitable for printing and modification (with permission) for speaker bureau promotion. We can also provide you with a custom promotional video clip.
What do you need from us?
Call 480 488-9150, E-mail roger@rogerrickard.com, or complete the Contact Us page and let’s set at date. To finalize the agreement, two things are required:
  1. A signed letter of agreement (nearly all of the details can be found in this FAQ file).
  2. A 50% deposit.
Also, if it is our first time with your group, please fill out the Contact Us page that will give us an idea of your needs, number of people, and dates, so that we may better customize your program.
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