Response to today’s Congressional Attack

Today was not a good day in our nation’s capital. Today we experienced political discourse in its worst form.

We the people… all need to take a deep breath and end the very divisive personal verbal or physical attacks on the people that serve us in our government. We need to resolve to end this toxic stew.

I cannot expect others to politically agree with me on everything, something or even anything. Can’t we just politely agree to disagree regarding our personal politics? We don’t have to agree but we do have to have an open, safe dialog that aims to solve problems – not create more problems.

We have an opportunity to come together to support a unity bi-partisan non-political event – The Congressional Baseball Game for Charity. CSPAN will broadcast the game tomorrow evening at 7:05 PM ET. This event has been played since 1909 and supports charity.

We can begin to show bi-partisan support and send Congress a message by donating to the charities supported because of playing this game. Go to to donate.

I will proudly stand tomorrow evening when our National Anthem plays and hope that we as a country can politically ‘Play Ball’ together.

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