American’s have a Big Decision on Election Day (and it’s not for president)

Breaking News  there is a U.S. presidential election ending on November 8th.  One would have to have been asleep like Rip Van Winkle to not know.  I keep hearing that people are so disenfranchised and dissatisfied with the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that they are thinking of NOT VOTING at all. Are you nuts? Not voting! Get over it! You have to vote. You really do, because there is a lot at stakeuncle sam. You can’t sit this one out.

Yes, we have a very important decision to make regarding who will be the next leader of the free world and who will serve as their understudy. But this election is much more than that. There are a ton of down ballot elections that hold so much importance.

There are 36 (normally 34 seats with two special elections) seats being contested in the U.S. Senate and all 435 seats of the U.S. House of Representatives. In state elections there are; 12 gubernatorial contests, 44 states are holding state legislative elections with 86 of the 99 chambers up for election, and many states have state wide offices contested like attorney general, state treasurer and the like.  Also many states are holding ballot measures.

At the local level you have mayoral contests in many cities, including: Baltimore Honolulu, Milwaukee, Portland, Sacramento and San Diego. County Commissioners are on the ballot as well as city councilmen, corporation commission seats, and Justice of the Peace contests, to name a few.

There are a whopping 281 state ballot measures up for consideration in areas such as; agriculture, arts, business and consumers, campaign finance, civil liberties, constitutional changes, crime, death penalty, drugs, education, employment, energy, entitlements, environment, finance and banking, gaming, government spending, guns, health care and insurance, housing, infrastructure, judicial, labor unions, legal, marijuana legalization, oil and gas, religion, seniors, taxes, transportation and veterans. These ballot measures can affect your life more than the U.S. president.

You have a choice – in fact you have many choices in this election. Many big choices.

If you are registered to vote than you should do so. It would be a crying shame for you not to.

Many people died to get this right and keep it. It is now your responsibility to make your voice be heard.

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