A Call to Courage

Today, more than ever, courage is needed by all Americans to stand up and speak out against any and all divisive rhetoric. Without doing so only emboldens those adversaries that wish to divide us. Recent events are tearing at the fabric of our great democratic experiment. We must work to bring people together – not tear us apart.

Part of any presidents’ job description is to calm our fears in times of upheaval and crisis. Not to pour gasoline on the flames of hate.

This week has been a moral test of which the president has failed. This is not a political issue it is a moral issue and goes to the inclusiveness of America.A. Hamilton

“Those who stand for NOTHING fall for ANYTHING.” – Alexander Hamilton

Earlier this week, in a post (available here), I mentioned by name the hate groups that have captured recent headlines. I will no longer give any attribution to these groups by name. I will not give them a stage or soapbox platform. I hereby cut the power to their microphones in my small way cutting of their voice.

Merriam Webster has put out a list of the most searched words of the last few days. Here are the top seven searches:

1. Fascism
2. Bigot
3. Neo-Nazi
4. Bigotry
5. Racism
6. Nationalism
7. White supremacist

It is my hope that this list represents decent people seeking to better understand the meaning of these words.

In the past, when the melting pot of our American culture is challenged, our American family comes together. We shine a light, much like the candlelight’s of last night’s vigil in Charlottesville, to illuminate a brighter path out of these dark days.

The Southern Poverty Center has identified our 900 hate groups in America, and this number is on the rise since 2014. This growing nasty fringe can be ousted by the goodness of our collective voices. We are hearing these voices now:

• The magnifying of Heather Heyer’s life.
• The CEO’s of corporate America standing up and walking away.
• The steadfast messages by the Joint Chiefs.

But more needs to be done. Use the power of your voice to amplify good vs. evil…

…and call on all elected officials to stand on the side of moral decency and denounce hate speech and the actions of those who support them. This is our call – our chance to show courage.

We will triumph over those that espouse hatred and propagate wicked behavior on fellow citizens.