Rickard MPI Oregon 3 - editedRoger  works with organizations by ‘Supporting Causes & Developing Advocates.’ He has more than 30 years of experience as a speaker, facilitator, author, communicator, and advocacy professional.

Roger is a BIG man at 6″8″, a BIG thinker with BIG ideas for helping you advocate throught a powerful personal presence and energy to client engagements, creating interactive environments that draw out the best ideas and advocacy insights. His vibrant personality and good sense of humor makes for engaging and interactive discussions. He also has a knack for packaging and delivering leader input to provide strategic direction to public affairs and advocacy programs. His impactful, focused message empowers participants to be successful influencers.

What makes Roger an outstanding Facilitator? He is instinctively inquisitive, quick on his feet, and can adjust his style to the changing needs of the group. His personality and good sense makes for engaging and interactive panel discussions and conversational presentations.

Presentation Topics

  • Seven Actions of Highly Effective Advocates

    Roger integrates your organization’s message or cause with the seven actions you can take immediately to be an effective advocate. PLEASE NOTE: This is presentation is completely customized to the clients needs using the principles from Roger’s book entitled, Seven Actions of Highly Effective Advocates

  • Elephants Don’t Bite – Donkeys Don’t Kick
    Fear of feeling misunderstood or unwise is one of the main reasons people do not engage with their elected officials. This session dispels this fear and empowers one to become an engaged non-partisan advocate.
  • Advocacy-Engage & Activate
    Roger presents a program customized to your industry professionals that raises advocacy awareness to engage and activate you, your supporters and your organization.
  • Advocacy-Engage & Activate for Associations
    How do we create the influence needed to support the long term viability of your association? How can we engage and activate people around us to support our activities? You will leave with the tools needed to communicate with a stronger voice to advocate the value of your organization by engaging and activating your supporters.
  • Understanding DMO Relevancy
    This program addresses the many challenges that confront the majority of (DMOs) in the areas of community relations, industry relations, and advocacy as it pertains to key local stakeholder engagement, education, and activation.
  • Face-to-Face – There’s not an App for this!
    We have all heard, “There’s an app for that.” Well, when it comes to creating the influence needed to support the long term viability of your industry, there is no app! In fact, the best way to create influence is by doing what we do best – engaging face-to-face.
  • Empowering People to Make a Difference
    Roger motivates people with real-life success stories and teaches grassroots advocacy techniques proven to bring results. Discover successful advocacy strategies to influence and garner support for your cause.
  • Meetings Mean Business
    Roger presents a multi-faceted advocacy messaging platform known as Meetings Mean Business that highlights the important role meetings have in driving business success, creating jobs and generating economic value.
  • Your Value as a Meeting Professional
    What is your value as a meeting professional? Uncover YOUR value(s) as a meeting professional. Discover the key strategies to communicate and elevate your strategic importance to your organization and your clients enabling you to make the business case for meetings and your success as a meeting professional.
  • Meetings Move Main Street
    Roger presents current data on the overall business impact of the meetings industry in easy-to-understand segments and gives participants the tools to communicate the value of meetings.
  • Value of the Visitor
    Visitors are an essential element to the local economic engine and bring additional value to the community. There is a great story to tell about the business case of visitor gatherings. Leave confident in your ability to speak persuasively about the value of the visitor.
  • Meetings Deliver: The Business Value of Meetings & Events
    Roger makes the business case for the value of the Meetings Industry, the value of Meetings, and the value of You as the meeting professional.