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My Service Commitment to You.

As a professional speaker, it is expected that I deliver an exceptionally good presentation in a highly professional manner. I have worked in the meetings industry for years and understand the real apprehension that meeting professionals have when it comes to dealing with speakers. It is my job as a speaking professional to alleviate this […]

A Call to Courage

Today, more than ever, courage is needed by all Americans to stand up and speak out against any and all divisive rhetoric. Without doing so only emboldens those adversaries that wish to divide us. Recent events are tearing at the fabric of our great democratic experiment. We must work to bring people together – not […]

Charlottesville and The President

I have sought wisdom in the words to honestly express my state of mind, feelings, fears and findings regarding the acts of violence against our fellow human beings and countrymen. I am shocked, sickened and very saddened by the intolerance and extremism expressed in the physical confrontations that took place in Charlottesville over the weekend. […]