Are you Ready for Post 11-9?

Finally, we are three weeks away from election day. Did we ever think this day would come?

Balloons fall post convention(AP Photo/John Locher)

Balloons fall post convention (AP Photo/John Locher)

People are frightened. They don’t know where our nation is headed. Will there be rage over the election results?  Will people accept the results of our voting? 

The real question now is, what happens post-election on November 9th? How do we as a country move forward? Can we move on to governing? Or will we experience an even more divided government? These and other questions are what organizations and their advocates are grappling with now. How will their advocacy agenda be effected post 11-9?

Associations, trade organizations, non-profits and advocacy groups are currently having conversations around what happens next. These groups are concerned about their future advocacy.  Decisions being made on election day have important implications for the future viability and sustainability of the issues facing these organizations.

Here is what we know from past lessons if advocacy engagement and activation is decreased or does not even exist:

·         Stay visible. You cannot get much support if they do not know you exist. You will have little influence if you maintain a low profile. Conversely, with a low profile – you will have little influence.

·         Keep communicating. People need to fully understand what you do and why you do it. It is a key to garnering support. When people understand the benefits you provide, they are more likely to support your needs.

·         Take action. If you do nothing, you are vulnerable to adverse publicity and media attention, government legislation, regulation, taxation and policy decisions that could have far reaching implications.

On the bright side, all of you have a good story to tell. You are an essential element to your community or you would not exist. You are critical to the success of others, your members and other key stakeholders.

Are you prepared to advocate post 11-9? Or will you and your organization be scrambling to ensure your advocates are educated, engaged, and actively supporting your cause.

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